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Tell us a little about what you’ve got going on right now.

Weíre now not definitely allowed to speak approximately the various matters that weíve got occurringÖ so proper now weíre building 8 yachts, all of which might be presently beneath creation, weíre looking to sign with any luck some other three this 12 months. Every year for the beyond two decades, weíve introduced one or yachts.

Absolutely everyone within the enterprise thinks that we are able toít probable be building these kind of huge boats, and every year they preserve on coming out. So weíre going to do the identical issue this 12 months. Next may be sun, then next year there might be boats, 3 in 2019Ö so weíve were given an excellent pipeline of boats. I trust success breeds fulfillment, and optimistically the smart men will come to us because they understand that our record speaks for itself.