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Global Maritime Security

At the north-west, with the aid of the red sea, south of range 15∞00 n at the west of the gulf of oman by using longitude fifty eight∞00 e at the east, longitude 78∞00e on the south, latitude 12∞00 s

08. 06. 15 ñ (function: 19∞49ís - 034∞50íe, beira port, mozambique) boarded. Three robbers, armed with knives, approached a berthed popular cargo deliver in their small wooden boat. One of the robbers controlled to board the deliver and cut off a mooring rope. The obligation group attempted to technique the robbers, but he became threatened with the knife. The alarm became raised and the group mustered. Seeing the team reply, the robbers escaped with the deliverís stores. The port control become informed. 15. 06. 15 ñ (role: 24∞36ín - 057∞47íe, gulf of oman) suspicious approach. An mv reported that two white hulled skiffs, each with engines, approached at excessive pace. One of the skiffs with two humans on board closed to 1nm on the port side, the other skiff with 5 humans on board approached to inside 500m at the starboard facet. The armed protection group fired one caution shot on the skiff at the starboard aspect. Following this, both skiffs stopped their approach. No weapons or ladders had been sighted. The vessel and team are safe. 20. 06. 15 ñ (position: 21∞forty sevenín - 060∞ 00íe, coast of oman) suspicious approach. An mv suggested being observed by 4 skiffs. The on-board armed guards showed their weapons, after the 4 skiffs neared to inside five cables. Quickly after, a further six light-coloured skiffs, with about three men and women on-board, have been found beforehand of the mv, forming a line. Those skiffs surpassed the port side at pace, to inside five cables, at which the ast showed their guns for a second time. The skiffs then stopped inside the water. No piracy device changed into noticed and the mv team remained safe. 27. 06. 15 ñ (function: 04∞02í s - 039∞38íe, shimanzi oil terminal, mombasa, kenya) boarded. Robbers armed with lengthy knives, boarded a tanker, from a boat the usage of a hook and line. They have been spotted through a duty team, who alerted the c/o. The alarm was raised and the crew notified. The robbers proceeded to steal mooring ropes and escaped. The incident was reported to port manipulate and the neighborhood agent.